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FIRST Meeting

October 6, 2015




Ms. Barbaroux then turned time over to Shea Kirkman and Louie Sullins, FIRST co-chairs. Mr. Sullins introduced himself to the group and then read an excerpt about LEAD 2021 - the GCISD Strategic Plan - to emphasize the purpose and foundation of FIRST. Mr. Kirkman then took time to introduce himself to the team and shared his thoughts on the value of FIRST, encouraging team members to keep an open mind as they evaluate tough decisions over the next few months. Mr. Kirkman also challenged team members to support the recommendations of the group that will be reached through consensus.



He again thanked team members for their work and then turned time back to Ms. Barbaroux. She then encouraged groups to begin working, asking them to appoint a scribe and a chairperson and then begin discussing the projects.


Subcommittee Work Time

The remainder of the meeting was dedicated to team members working in their groups.



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