Grapevine high School

Bond Proposal: $42,575,273

Asbestos Abatement

Animal Science Facility Improvements

Expand capacity and replace roof

HVAC Replacement and Repairs

Kitchen Equipment Upgrade

Site Improvements

Repair concrete drives, parking and curbs

Repair sidewalks

Repair drainage

Add concrete bollards at gas meter

Replace wind netting at tennis courts

Resurface and paint tennis courts

Security Upgrades

Add controlled vestibule entrance

Additional access control

Upgrade intercom system and add horns

Replace digital radios

Replace exterior and interior surveillance cameras

Additional exterior lighting

Add emergency phone in shelter location

Library Upgrades

New furniture, equipment and genius bar

Renovations for new collaboration areas

Fine Arts Upgrades

Upgrading lighting and sound performance equipment

Acoustic performance shell

Tech booth conversion

Ventilation improvements

Refurbish stage floor

Athletics Upgrades

Gym floor replacement

Replace baseball field fence and lighting

Replace softball field windscreen and lighting

Tennis court lighting

Cheerleading uniforms

Multipurpose Activity Center

New multipurpose space to be utilized by a variety of extracurricular activities to include an indoor field, restrooms and dressing area, offices, large meeting space, training room and weight room

Safety Upgrades

Fire Suppression and additional fire sprinklers

Carbon monoxide detectors

New classroom door hardware to support emergency lockdown and comply with fire code

Automated External Defibrillator signage

Add gas, electric and water safety shut-off valves in science labs

District-Wide Items at this Campus: (Costs not included in above total)

Classroom Upgrades

New furniture

Cabinet replacement

Accessibility Improvements

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Repairs

Interior Finishes Repair and Replacement


Replacement student and teacher mobile devices

Replacement printers

Classroom interactive devices

Projectors and document cameras

Classroom and office desktop computers

Replacement Uniforms




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